Q14: Are you comfortable with the gender you have chosen?

Are you comfortable with the gender you have chosen?
Last week I introduced the concept of how we move energy round the body. I mentioned that the way the energy moves between the four fields that surround us, namely physical reality, emotional balance, mental health, and spiritual understanding, is by using the way chakras spin.

Each chakra spins both clockwise and anti-clockwise; this means energy moves towards the body and away from the body. Literature that is currently available explains that chakras spin in one direction only. I venture to disagree – with respect. Energy does move in two directions – by necessity. As I explain further, please understand this is a HUGE subject and I teach it over 128 hours of tuition time. It is almost impossible to explain in a page or two. I’m going to do my best, but by necessity please be aware that this is a very broad outline. If you need further information, contact me.

However, each chakra has a natural dominant direction of spin, and these are gender-dependant. I don’t mean “male/men” or “female/women”; instead it is masculine and feminine. Every living thing holds both masculine and feminine energy. It bothers me greatly that in this time of “New Age”, there has arisen the idea of working only with feminine energy; raising feminine energy; honouring feminine energy; empowering feminine energy, and so on. This is a perfect recipe for disaster. By doing this, there is an unconscious pattern of thought that then either denies or vilifies masculine energy. We need both for true health and happiness – for balance.
What do I mean by “masculine” and “feminine” energy? Masculine energy is expanding, protecting, being dominant, having compassion, holding strong opinions, being loud, taking responsibility and/or using power. There is a positive and negative aspect to this. Masculine energy is immediate. Taken out of context – we have domination! Feminine energy is enfolding, nurturing, understanding, supporting, responding, being intuitive, adapting, being responsible, using silence and/or absorbing power. Feminine energy is timeless. Taken out of context – we have manipulation.

FOR EXAMPLE: Each chakra has a particular personality, and they are repeated in each of the energy fields. For example: heart energy in the physical body = heart health; in the emotional field = love/tolerance; in the mental field = emotional maturity; in the spiritual field = acceptance. The direction of the flow of ”masculine dominant” energy is different to the direction of the flow of “feminine dominant” energy, but each needs the other for balance. Denying one and/or focusing on the other will lead, with depressing certainty, to ill health and unhappiness.

Just so I am absolutely clear: men and gay women have a masculine dominant energy flow, and woman and gay men have a feminine dominant energy flow. (But don’t forget that everyone has energy that flows in both directions as we all have both masculine and feminine energy)

Each chakra has a particular dominant direction of spin, and this direction changes as required, moment by moment, depending on what you’re doing and how you respond, but at rest it will always revert to its natural direction of spin. If you need to protect yourself or be powerful, you expand your energy field = masculine spin. If you need to be aware, you need contract it so you can read your Sanscarra* = feminine spin. Those who deny themselves the truth of this direction, therefore their natural selection of gender, will fail to find inner peace and contentment.
However, it is a depressing reality that for many this is a right they are denied. There are vast numbers of people who are forced by legal, religious and social discrimination fuelled by ignorance, fear, arrogance or, intimidation to deny their own God-Selves.

Each chakra has a particular purpose, strength or sensitivity. Those who have a single direction of spin – those who live according to their body classification – have a prescribed way of seeing things, or responding and reacting. Those who have the courage to embrace spins in both directions – have enhanced abilities. This is why there is so much fear and discrimination.

If this sounds complicated, let me explain:
Masculine dominant energy fields are inclined to be outward thinking, they are responsible, they expect volume and abundance, they see the bigger picture and they instinctively take control. These are the spokespersons, the ones who represent others. These are the people who take great leaps forward.
Feminine dominant energy fields are more inclined to work behind the scenes, they deal with the smaller details, they are intuitive, they fill in less glamorous but vital roles of routine duties and these are the listeners, recorders, carers and the wheels upon which civilisation runs.
I have learned, to my joy, that some older cultures have a name for this: they are called “Two souls” or “flows both ways”. (Big smiley!)

I was working with a client recently, and the role of masculine and feminine energy was explained to me: carpet making requires a woven base (masculine energy), and then the wool, silk, cotton, or whatever the mat is made of, which carries the pattern, colour, depth: value is created (feminine energy). You cannot have one without the other.

If someone uses the “other” energy too often, the chakras become unbalanced. A woman working in a masculine-dominated field needs to consciously make time to be a woman, to nurture herself and to appreciate subtlety. A man spending excessive time working with intuition – being alert to the smallest hint of change – will need to consciously make time to see the bigger picture.

Chakras have hard-working, practical sentient intelligence; burning a red candle or dangling an amethyst crystal has as much effect on them as holding a heart-shaped cardboard cut-out to the chest of someone having a heart attack. Chakras need to be heard because they hold information; they need to be physically balanced and cleaned out; and the natural direction of spin has to be reset. If chakras are not kept in balance, they become blocked and unhealthy and the part of the body that is affected by that chakra becomes compromised.
They need to be respected as co-creators of health…. On all levels of Being. These are the log-books of the body, and if they are checked regularly, you will become adept at maintaining your own health – using your own inner tuition.

(*I explained what the Sanscarra is and how we use it in week #6)

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