Q7: What is Cellular Memory, and what is Deep Cellular Memory Release? How is this different to your Soul Story?

What is Cellular Memory, and what is Deep Cellular Memory Release? How is this different to your Soul Story?
Cellular memory is the memory of the Soul. This is where you hold ancient wisdom, the culmination of many times of inhabiting a human body, or “missions”, to use military terminology. This Soul memory has many faces, and a myriad ways of presenting itself. A vast number of teaching methods – from cellular memory, patterns held in the deepest and slowest rate of vibration = that held in the physical body; to maturity – memory held in the emotional field; intelligence – memory held in the mental field; and spiritual wisdom – memory held in the spiritual field.
As I mentioned in my last posting, memory which is created in the present life experience is constantly changing and growing, or being altered. You learn one way of being as a child, and this changes as you grow up. Stress, pain, fear, shame, trauma carves new pathways in the brain, and it takes great strength of will to undo the effects of Post-Traumatic stress. There are many therapists who are highly qualified to assist with this. Education and training work in the same way. This is all cellular memory.

Deep cellular memory, however, is different. This comes from a time when the Soul was exposed to an experience which has value, and which is significant to the greater good of the individual. Sometimes this presents as negative experience, which is a quicker and more effective way of bringing it to your current consciousness. If presented as a positive experience, unfortunately a sense of entitlement, of seeing this peace, understanding or skill as being automatically your right, clouds its purpose. But, if you have had some element of struggle to clear, or to understand, or to overcome a negative experience, then it has more value.
Soul Song, on the other hand, is a tool your consciousness employs, now and again, to assist you. Sometimes we sense it as memory, or instinct. You are presented with a “story” which is not, necessarily, anything to do with Past life memory. By using the “story” and applying it to the present situation you are dealing with, you will have deep wisdom which helps to guide you to a place of peaceful resolution. Unfortunately there are many folk who cling to the mistaken belief that this information does, in fact, refer to a past life, and those who are not sufficiently aware (or inexpertly guided) may find that this information may have an effect on their concept of identity.

Over the past 30 years I have had a number of clients who find it difficult to deal with the facts presented to them by therapists, assuring them that various factors are playing out in their present life experiences. Some people can cope and some can’t. There is tremendous relief when I explain that sometimes this is just a story told by the Soul to assist awareness and understanding.

The Soul does its best to help us enhance our own Inner Tuition.

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