Inner Tuition facilitators work with energy flows, chakra realignment, shadow work, inner child issues, deep cellular memory release and re-connection with unfulfilled karmic obligations.  Sessions are practical, down-to-earth, and non-invasive.
Note: Certain therapies can be conducted remotely after an initial telephonic discussion and a full written report is available on request.
General information:
The physical body has a natural electrical charge for optimum health. However, this can be disrupted due to injury, accident, stress, ill-health, surgery and a variety of other reasons.   We also have lines of energy running throughout our bodies and where they intersect, we find powerful energy centres called chakras. Blockages of these can cause illness, dysfunction and discomfort.
In times of great trauma, in order to survive at a soul level, some part of the individual’s consciousness may be become separated.  You may feel broken, as if something is missing. It needs to be reclaimed and reconnected, so you can empower yourself to move on.  You deserve peace and happiness.
Therapies offered:



logo-finalFull body scan and energy balance
We are all surrounded by our own personal space (bio-electrical field). Sometimes we inadvertently absorb unwanted elements into this which can feel overwhelming and polluted. Whilst we have great respect for and total acceptance of the client’s free will, we can assist you in clearing this.
The body’s bio-electrical flows are routinely disrupted through surgery, illness, strong emotion, chronic pain (emotional and mental as well as physical).  Disruptions show as failure to thrive, denial, or reluctance to take responsibility for self-healing.  Inner Tuition therapy is particularly useful after surgical removals or implants, in assisting  slow response to treatment and in regaining a general sense of well being.  It is not seen as replacing medical or related care, but works perfectly in conjunction with such treatment.
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logo-final Inner child footprint / emotional self-support:
The way you see yourself as an adult is directly related to the way you were taught to see yourself as a child – through the eyes of those who cared for you.  If these were not caring, supportive relationships you may carry scars and behaviour patterns into the present.  You are encouraged to go back and find that child and to provide the loving and nurturing needed to bring about healing in the present. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the right to be self-empowered, to give ourselves permission to be happy, to be strong and to be able.  We can help you to move back to a mind-set of all is possible.
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logo-final Chakra clearing:
Chakras are powerful energy centres and any blockages here may results in illness, dysfunction and discomfort.  Chakras are the log-books of the body and carry information about every aspect of the individual such as childhood wounding, soul evolution, gender choice, behaviour patterns, stress levels and traumatic experiences.  By listening to the communication between the various chakras, the Inner Tuition facilitator is able to gently bring the individual back into balance by understanding what has caused the problem in the first place.  Once the reason for the blockage is understood and re-aligned you will feel revitalized.
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logo-final Trauma release / soul retrieval: 
Trauma involves massive losses, some of which may be irreversible.  You may have lost some, or all  of your belongings, your identity and your optimism, your sense of safety, your physical and mental health, or someone you loved.  Some people appear to cope better than others do and some hardly seem to cope at all. Some folk seem to survive one disaster (our perception of disaster) and others fall apart over nothing (our perception of nothing).  Why is this? The way we cope with stress as individuals, depends on internal coping skills and external support systems.  Giving permission to grieve these losses is an important part of the recovery process.  Grieving is exhausting, but fighting the grieving process is even more exhausting.  If you truly grieve the loss on a conscious level, it will free up massive amounts of psychic energy.
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logo-final Deep cellular memory release / past life exploration: 
By putting the individual into a light trance state, we are able to access the memory held within the cells of the organ, limb, faculty or muscle of the individual to assist them to release the concepts, memory, beliefs, habits and/or perceptions which cause the behaviour patterns which no longer serve them.  This includes post-traumatic stress, phobias, panic attack syndrome, past life issues and physical/emotional disorders.  We look for forgotten skills, significance of karmic companions and/or cellular memory which is causing disease and/or dysfunction.  Once these are brought to the conscious mind of the individual they can make informed choices regarding further action. Using our intuition we are able assist you to give yourself permission to take a proactive role in freeing yourself from unwanted baggage.
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