Many people work with energy, that invisible, indivisible element which – to many – remains an elusive, misunderstood mish-mash of confusing information. To some, however, it is a clear, simply-comprehended means of “reading” what needs to be communicated.
Which of them is the truth? Well, there is the old problem … define “truth”?
There are those of us who have the insight and the spiritual evolvement to be able to work with it with no trouble at all, and there are those of us who struggle to make sense of it. To many healers, this is their everyday working environment. To those on the outside, so to say, it is mystical, frightening and definitely the Devil’s playground… and to be avoided at all costs. In fact to be avoided so completely that even those who admit to working with it, or Heaven forbid! to actually understand it, are also to be avoided if at all possible. This does not mean in any way at all that the latter are any the less insightful nor spiritually evolved, they are simply burdened with programmed ideas that what you don’t understand is to be feared.
Doesn’t this describe a vast percentage of the world’s population? There we are, creeping around in fear, or roaring in rage at those who have the temerity to believe something different to us. The one thing we have in common is the heartfelt desire to bring peace to earth and to all live in harmony, and yet the hardest thing to achieve is this harmony. Even within our own Beingness we find harmony nothing more than a distant desire.
Many hours are spent in discussion, in prayer, in meditation trying to find the way to achieve harmony: within self and within community. As with all profound truth, it is really so simple. Just work with the energy surrounding each living thing. The answers are all there, patiently waiting to be communicated.
We all agree – well, most of us agree (you will always get those who don’t) that everything is surrounded by energy. Even those who are not sensitive, will admit to picking up the “vibe”, or to having some awareness or instinct. This, then, is a fairly positive start. What we do with it, of course, is where the problem lies.
Some talk of the “aura”, some talk of “energy field”, and so on. Again, using many words to describe the same thing. (I sense the beginning of confusion, don’t you?) Reluctantly, over time, we may agree to the existence of this space, and to let the difference in terminology rest. How do we define what this is? Again, depending on which book you read, which healer you work with, or what your own experience has shown you, we all have wildly differing opinions. I think most would agree, though, that this space around us has a variety of different qualities within it.
You see, once we can agree on that, there is not much else to worry about.
I see it, ultimately, as having deep respect for all living things, and to rejoice in our differences instead of fearing them and using them as ammunition to maim and kill. One does not need to do unsociable things with landmines and AK47’s to kill dreams and joy. A critical word or scornful look will do as much damage, which may well last as long.
I see parents expressing their dissatisfaction and critical disapproval of a child who is not “perfect”, but who is nonetheless an amazingly complex, rich, perfect individual who has, at a soul level, perhaps, chosen to walk a different path to those parents. Those well-meaning mothers who fill the child’s day with dozens of activities, overlooking the simple joy of allowing time to daydream, to spend time with the memories of where they have come from and to organize their own journey to incorporate all they planned to achieve before death.
I see distraught, grief-stricken people weeping bitterly at the impending death of a loved one. I understand their emotion, but I wonder how much of the grief they feel is perhaps tinged with guilt that they could perhaps have done more; or fear being left behind. Surely it would bring comfort to know that the one who is hovering on the point of death is, in fact, soon going to be reuniting with absolute and ultimate wisdom, peace and freedom. Most of us, at some time in our lives, have attended some sort of religious teaching. The one thing that is common teachings in all Belief systems, is the reassurance of the love with which we will be received, and the compassion with which our journey in this dimension will be reviewed.
I know that there are those who seem to hang on to life, notwithstanding immense pain or aloneness, simply out of fear of putting this to the test. This must surely be the saddest thing to witness. If only they could just allow themselves to move from one state of being to another, and if only those left behind could find comfort in this.
We will always remain connected through the energy of love. This connection may be through fond memories and stories handed down through time, or it may be through the comfort of ritual – flowers placed at the side of the road where the death occurred, for example. This connection may be accessed through those who speak for those who cannot, such as clairvoyant mediums, or through just trusting the often subtle signals that occur mysteriously. A bunch of roses being delivered, quite by chance, at a time when you’re feeling particularly lonely, with the note from a friend saying “I suddenly thought of you and wanted to send you these, I don’t know why.” Co-incidence?Maybe. But why doubt? Why not just accept that those who are no longer in body are able to communicate, and this does not need to automatically be a negative experience.
It’s just energy, and ways of communicating with energy. If we work with love and clarity of intent, we won’t go far wrong.
With love

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