Q10: What is true power, what is soul satisfaction, and what is manipulation?

What is true power, what is soul satisfaction, and what is manipulation?
When I sat down to write this week’s posting, I was surprised to see just how much of the Inner Tuition course deals with this. Unfortunately there is just too much to include in a short page or so, and I’m going to have to summarise. I have great difficulty doing this – there is so much I want to share with you.
First thing I ask myself: what the difference is between these three things. So often they get confused and we think they are all one. They are so far from being anything remotely like each other – it makes me sad (and angry) when I’m trying to help someone who finds themselves in a deep, dark hole of depression and helplessness because they have confused them. I get just as annoyed when I hear how people try to confuse others – simply to keep them under control, or for their own selfish reasons.

True power is caring, opening, encouraging, tolerance, kindness, assisting, motivating, respecting, allowing free choice, and promoting independence. There are so many other things I have to say, but space does not permit. I hope you get the picture.

Manipulation is the opposite, it’s belittling, testing, setting limits, forcing, denying choice, promoting dependence, intruding, and it claims ultimate authority. Manipulation is status orientated, exclusive, offers short cuts and demands obedience.

Soul satisfaction recognises a greater power which is held inside – it is not any outside force, whether in body or not. (By this I mean do NOT give your power to someone or something simply because it’s ancient – or dead!) It is a balance between inner and outer worlds, it allows learning and experimenting, and permits failure. It finds joy in the smallest, simplest joy and also the most profound understanding. Each of us is an individual, with a completely unique track to follow; and it is only by honouring each step on our own, individual track that we are able to find our own soul satisfaction. Soul satisfaction gives you the right to say “No”, and to say “I don’t understand” and, more excitingly, it gives you the right to say “I don’t care” (but that does depend on the right circumstances, of course!)

My next question follows, naturally: what do we mean by the word “soul”? For each of us it has a different meaning. For some it’s a cause of great anxiety: “Am I a crystal soul, or a rainbow soul, or an indigo soul?” We ask ourselves, worriedly: “Am I an old soul, or an enlightened soul? “. Some start even further back: “Do I have a soul, at all?” If you have that uncertainty – I can guarantee that someone will be willing to provide what you think you need – at a price.

There is duality in everything: naturally you get those who proudly call themselves “soul vampires” – and then watch in delight as the confused ones reel around in shock and horror.
Some time ago, I heard about a woman in total despair. She had been told by some so-called “healers” that her soul was cracked! They offered to remove it, and fix it for her. She was assured, by these so-called “healers”, that if she didn’t allow them to heal her soul, she would lose her job, her relationships, and finally – her life. Of course, this entailed a rather large amount of money changing hands (but you knew that, didn’t you?) She was asked to pay them money immediately, whereupon they unhooked this cracked soul; and then she was told to return in fourteen days, with more money, to have it reattached.

Needless to say, she lost her job, and then several significant relationships collapsed. She had no money to pay to reclaim her soul. When I heard of her, all she could do was cry, and try to pluck up enough courage to commit suicide, because time and method of her death was the only thing over which she had any control. After some discussion, she was back to normal, and within a few weeks she found another job. I heard, via an excited grapevine, that she met someone worthy of her and was happy.

I turned my attention to these so-called “healers”! I learned that they had left Cape Town, but I believe they move around the country fairly regularly; I’m patiently waiting for their return…

I know that there is only “Love”; but there is manipulation of love, distortion of love, absence of love, betrayal of love, expectation of love, demands of love, the perception of love … and so on. I also know that “Love” is not roses and rainbows, sunsets and sympathy, candles and cuddles – or even whiskers on kittens. Instead “Love” is wild and strong, compassionate and unforgiving. True “Love” only expects the best and the truest and the strongest. If this is uncomfortable or uncompromising, or even ruthless in order to achieve this healing, then so be it.
The main direction of my work, and my teaching, is to re-establish a strong belief and re-connection to each individual’s soul purpose. As I pointed out a few weeks ago, our soul purpose is our own healing.

This goal is not met by manipulation, or by controlling another. It is a goal only met by accepting our own true power and recognising our soul satisfaction – our own inner tuition.

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