Welcome to Inner Tuition SA

Our facilitators work within your personal space, as the bridge between your physical body and conscious mind and the natural healing properties of the universe. By reconnecting with your original purpose and understanding why various effects or conditions may have manifested in your life, it is possible to regain a sense of peace and contentment…


Your Inner Tuition facilitator will assist you in interpreting what your body is trying to tell you. We are able to re-establish a natural healthy vibration, and allow your body to begin to move back into a state of equilibrium and well-being, to bring you back to balance . . .

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Training courses are clearly and simply presented, making the information easily assimilated by the trainee. We work in small groups to ensure personal attention. Things become more exciting as you prove to yourself that you can do some amazing things . . .

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Inner Tuition founder, Margaret Holton, has been involved in voluntary counselling and healing since 1984. Her experience encompasses a multitude of disciplines. This multi-faceted approach to healing the whole person is incorporated in her own healing practice . . .

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Welcome to Inner Tuition SA
Inner Tuition is energy-based, but therapists following this way of working look at more than just the body on the bed and the various aches and pains or blockages in energy.  We look at the person as a whole.  We take into account the client’s past and present, the individual’s place in the community as well as their expectations of themselves and those others have of them.  We look at the client’s stress level and assist in ways to bring this back under control.  We listen to what is said and what is communicated by a number of other means.  We look at what effect trauma has had, or is still having, on the client’s life and perceptions.  We work with energy flows, chakra realignment, shadow work, inner child issues, deep cellular memory release and re-connection with unfulfilled karmic obligations.
Inner Tuition facilitators, working within this personal space look at the four aspects the individual has laid down, detailing their history.  These concern the physical body and physical environment of the individual, their emotional reality including memories of childhood, their mental conditioning, stresses and dilemmas as well as the individual’s perceptions and spiritual truths.
Inner Tuition facilitators develop the ability to listen to cellular memory held within the body. This may be deeply buried memory from their present life, or from prior incarnations.  There are occasions when the soul simply has a story to tell by which the individual is able to remember ancient wisdom forgotten to the current conscious mind.
Inner Tuition therapies are practical, down-to-earth, and non-invasive. Clients experiences will always differ, but have resulted in feelings of inner contentment, a release of tension or anxiety, peacefulness, optimism and understanding… sometimes coupled with those great aha-moments.