Q13: What are the log books of your body? How and when do you read them? Do you understand what they’re teaching you?

What are the log books of your body? How and when do you read them? Do you understand what they’re teaching you?
If you imagine looking down on a city, at night, you see all the main roads are brightly lit, and the main intersections are very clear with traffic lights, road signs, shops, etc. The lesser roads are less brightly lit, and so on until you get a quiet little road with perhaps only one or two houses, and there is hardly any lighting apart from a light over a front door. So it is with the flow of energy round the body, the main flows of energy are strong and powerful, and the lesser – but by no means insignificant – flows of energy are slower and quieter. But where they cross, there are strong energy vortices, called Chakras

The word “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. It describes what a chakra looks like – a whirling vortex of energy where great lines of force, created within the energy field, meet and cross. They absorb, transform and transmit the flow of energy from one subtle body to another and into the physical body. They allow for input and outflow of energy as they spin both clockwise and anticlockwise. This is why emotional confusion can have a physical effect; mental anguish can cause an emotional response; spiritual dilemmas can affect mental balance; and /or physical perception can influence mental/emotional or even spiritual understanding. The energy flows from one field to the other through the chakras. It depends, of course, through which particular chakra the flow happens as each has its own particular emphasis.

Different levels of consciousness become separated and we find it difficult to integrate these different aspects of ourselves. We no longer feel “whole”. The direction of the in/out spin determines gender, but I’ll look at that that in a week or two. I get irritated when people insist being Gay is wrong – absolute rubbish! Ancient civilisations recognised this state of being, as the goal towards we all ultimately strive. This is being in perfect balance, with masculine and feminine energy in perfect balance.

In the Inner Tuition training course we spend a great deal of the training programme working intensively with chakras. I will write about them over several weeks. This week I’ll look at how they work; in the following few weeks I will look at how and why they establish the gender we choose to experience, and then I’ll look at how they carry the story of spiritual evolution of each person.

When unpleasant or disturbing things happen to us, we try to avoid dealing with the issue in an attempt to minimise the impact upon us. This means we do not fully process and release energies involved. They have to be stored somewhere until, ideally, we get round to doing so – and we store them in the chakras – hence the reason why I call them the log books of the body. Blocks in the chakras and the energy system, generally, are our own responsibility because they are self-induced.

With the advent of “New Age” consciousness a lot of information is available to the general public. Among the most popular aspects offered concerns the significance of the colours of chakras. This is because when light is diffused, it breaks into these particular colours. There has been information passed on from some very popular literature that there are “new” colours for chakras. I respect this information, but I confess that I am a bit dubious. Light is light, it consists of varying lengths of rays. These reflect the seven colours you can see in a rainbow. This is not fashion. On the other hand, there are vast numbers of those who are more spiritually advanced than I am – so they may be correct.

Again, books about chakras describe their location: below the spine and above the head, between the eyebrows, the throat, the heart, above the solar plexus, and below the navel. In addition to these chakras on the torso, there are at least 6 places in the body where strong energy centres/chakras can be accessed: front and back of the body, on the legs, the arms, the feet, the hands, the head and over the entire body. These are present in each of the 4 energy fields. We work with at least 96 chakras, and each has its own particular personality and purpose and holds specific information which is easily accessed.

We are familiar with the largest and most significant chakras, however there are many more than just these. Those that are also greatly significant are those that are on joints – ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and the neck. Also on the hands and feet – we use these to communicate and to advance. In fact, every cell in the body is a chakra. In addition each individual person is a chakra, each group of people is a chakra (“Where two or three are gathered together…”), each nation, each landmass, and so it continues. I have no doubt that each planet, sun, star, celestial group is also a chakra.

Because the sites of these energy centres are located roughly in the same areas as the main endocrine systems, it is believed that they have similar functions. This is not accurate. Yes, the places where you find these main chakras are located in places where there is an important accumulation of communication signalling in the body, but the work that is done by the chakras is not always the same. Chakras transmit information about spiritual evolution and survival of mankind as a whole; endocrine systems transmit information for survival of the individual.
This is a big subject and is taught by specialised teachers during the Inner Tuition training course.
Chakras are sentient beings with our consciousness; their function is as significant to your overall wellbeing as your liver, kidneys, heart. You need to learn to communicate with them, they are the log books of your body and hold all the information you need for health on all level.

This is where you learn about yourself – where you access your own Inner Tuition.

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