Q17: What is your present personality, and what is your Eternal Self. How do they communicate? How can you use this information to make your current reality work better?

What is your present personality, and what is your Eternal Self. How do they communicate? How can you use this information to make your current reality work better?
Chakras have many functions; among them is being the record-keeper of the body and soul. To explain this, I use my cell phone: it has a number of different uses – I speak to a friend, write a message, share photographs, record voices, record a video, connect to the internet and so much more. So it is with chakras. They have a variety of functions. The function I want to talk about today is the two systems we have to record information: namely “present personality”, looking at this incarnation and current knowledge; and overall soul evolution – the “Eternal Self”.

There are 7 chakras and they work in two systems (among a whole lot more). The lower four chakras – namely base/root, sacral, solar plexus and heart – focus on the here and now. It is through these chakras that you communicate with your body, your family and your physical reality; where you understand how you relate to your world – you decide if this place is safe, threatening, exciting or comfortable; where you negotiate and find were you fit in to society and what legacy you wish to leave behind; and how you feel about yourself. In other words – this is where you hold the ‘story’ about your present reality. This is adequately covered by many healing modalities and methods.

There is another ‘story’ that you hold in the heart chakra, the throat, the brow/third eye and the crown chakra. This is the story of your soul evolution; and it traces the path the Soul has travelled. By working with chakras we establish what you have chosen to experience in this incarnation, and why – the Karmic Blueprint. We look at the current life and establish if you’re on track, or if not, and where you need to focus your attention.

Your present personality tends, usually, to pay attention to the negative, to blame, to focus on failure, to judge, to repeat – endlessly – “I should/must/ought” or “… but what if?” and equally unhelpful, unanswerable self-questioning. The Eternal Self sees things from a vastly different perspective and is far more understanding and a lot kinder. From present personality point of view – we only have NOW. From Eternal Self perspective – you have ultimately unlimited opportunities to get things right … a few failures now and then are nothing to worry about.
When we communicate with the different systems within the chakra system, the energy presents itself in different ways, depending on the sensitivity of the healer. A great deal of the Inner Tuition training course is focused on developing this sensitivity. It’s very interesting to witness the innovative ways the body and/or soul has to get the information across. Sometimes it’s in pictures, sometimes a story with great detail, sometimes colour, sound or just a word. As I have explained each chakra has intelligence and is able to guide and assist in healing misalignment in energy or in belief.

The Eternal Self has tremendous wisdom on tap for the current personality to use. This is held in the chakras, where you record your own Inner Tuition.

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