Q18: Where does ancient knowledge come from? Do you have your own ancient knowledge that you’re not utilising? Do you have ancient beliefs or injuries that are harming you?

Where does ancient knowledge come from? Do you have your own ancient knowledge that you’re not utilising? Do you have ancient beliefs or injuries that are harming you?
When I was training, it was explained that in order to achieve wisdom, and compassion for one another, it becomes necessary to experience as much as we can. Just as the Fish River Canyon was not carved over a few decades, so it’s unreasonable to expect an individual to achieve this deep understanding in one incarnation, or life time.
A great deal of research has been done regarding the concept of Re-Incarnation/ Re-Birth/or Past Lives. For some this is a scientific fact and for others it’s very esoteric, or New Age. Of course, there are those, too, who feel it’s a form of Satan-worship.

Are there such things as “Past Lives”? I don’t know. Does it matter? Not a bit. The most important thing is if the healing happens. Sometime I find that the consciousness of the individual simply presents a narrative script and when this is worked out, understanding comes. A more acceptable concept is that of working with “Soul Contracts”. The past is where you hold wisdom and wounding, testing and proving, success and failure, understanding and confusion.

Some people feel that anything ‘Spiritual’, or New Age, simply has to be filled with joy and awakening and understanding and growing. This, with respect, has not been my experience; I have worked with a lot of people over the past 25 or so years. I find this is where most people hold out-dated and irrelevant decision-making, where they hold their greatest wounding and most painful memories.

My experience is that working with “Spiritual” energy or memory uncovers great pain, loss, grief, anger, anguish and confusion, as well as peace and happiness, of course, but that is very rare. Think about it … you are far more likely to remember what didn’t work for you, than you will remember what did. If it worked for you, there is a strong possibility that you probably did not even notice or remember. But if something did not work … then THAT is what you will agonise over. And that is what you will carry as part of the cellular memory which plays out again and again. Often popping up unexpectedly, with no rational context to explain where it comes from. We feel great fear when we don’t understand what’s happening to us – immediately ideas of curses and ‘possession’ states, and entities come to mind.

Maybe it’s none of these – maybe it’s just some part of your history taking a deep breath and saying with great kindness and understanding – and patience – “OK, let’s try this again!” Some people have strange expectations of this work: “What have I done wrong? Why am I being punished?” and “Do I have a Soul Mate? How can we be together again?” are among the most common. I need to be clear that our aim is not to reinforce anyone’s ego; all we try to do is to find out how the experience was misunderstood. By reviewing it from a distance, we can put things in perspective and understand what really happened, and then release the blocked energy.

My favourite story: A young Soul made the decision to experience being a nun, and the following happened: Life #1: stillborn. Life #2: died in infancy. Life #3: kidnapped by Raiders and sold into slavery. Life #4: grew up in a brothel, chance of becoming a nun very unlikely. Life #5: sold by family as a child bride. Life #6: abused – turned to crime and cruelty. Life #7: decided to marry and raise a family. Life #8: Raiders kidnapped her, again. Life #9: Novice finally entered a convent – Raiders (again), raped and pillaged and burned everything. Life #10: Ordained as a nun (Tremendous relief felt by Eternal Self!) This, of course, can be expanded with all sorts of variations and additions to stretch the time covered.

In the Inner Tuition course we explore and clear past life issues, or Deep Cellular memory; and re-negotiate Soul Contracts. By working with the chakras, we trace the story and put it into context, so the irrational aspect of the fear is explained. Maybe you know someone who is beginning a spiritual journey, and who experiences overwhelming fear and resistance, for example? Maybe there is a crippling fear of kidnap? I’m not really surprised!
By reading your own chakras, where this information and patterning is held, you can track your own Soul path and read your own Inner Tuition.

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