Q2: How does the body communicate with itself in times of stress and/or trauma?

How does the body communicate with itself in times of stress and/or trauma?
I have mentioned, in previous posts, that the body we see, the physical body, is not the only body we have. We are complex Beings; we have different ‘aspects’ or ‘fields’ or ‘bodies’, depending on how you understand them. You are not simply a physical body, one you can see, feed, exercise and clothe. You also experience emotion – you are happy, sad, angry, excited, and creative. In addition, you have a mental “Self”, one that thinks, makes decisions, remembers understands and gets confused. And, as we are aware, we have a perceptual Self – where you hold your idea of what is fair, fun, worthwhile, enjoyable; as well as a “spiritual self” where we connect to something bigger. We all believe in something (even if you believe in nothing, then that is what you believe). In order for this energy field which surrounds you to not simply collapse like a broken egg, it is surrounded by a thin membrane. This gives the Aura its distinct oval shape. This thin membrane is very delicate but also very strong. Under stress of any kind, this membrane will tear, leaving you vulnerable.

When we experience stress or trauma, these aspects of Self respond differently. They each have a specific task to carry out, all directed, primarily, at restoring this thin membrane surrounding the energy field.
This thin membrane, called the “Sanscarra”, has the same function as an Etheric Noticeboard. This thin membrane has encoded into it, all the information that is relevant to this life-time. It provides an essential part in initial inter-personal communication.

The best way to understand this process is to imagine a community under stress; different groups of people deal with various aspects of the emergency in their own way; each part of the whole. Firemen put out blazes; paramedics deal with the injured, sanitation, transport, catering, electrical and so on. Everyone is working together at the same time, but doing different things to restore the community to where it was before the disaster.
Not all of these stages of healing are present in every case, and do not necessarily follow in this order. Some stages take longer to work through than others, and may be repeated again and again.

Initially the physical body experiences a sense of shock, a feeling of being numbed and immobilised. This shock tears the thin membrane surrounding energy field, and all the auric fluid, which fills this space, leaks out. The immediate response of the body is to repair this thin membrane and to remove anything harmful to the organism (You). So all your energy is immediately diverted to begin the repair process; and you are, initially, unaware or in denial of the seriousness of the situation. You minimise what is happening – it cannot possibly be true. Your communication system is down.

As soon as the integrity of the membrane surrounding your energy field is secure, then the healing begins. You are informed, by your various bodies, that there may be a slight problem and that normal programming will resume shortly – but in the meantime, you begin to feel overwhelming confusion, emotion and you become hypersensitive to every small detail. There is a confused babble of information as communication between the different bodies is re-established. Your body goes into overdrive to produce as much energy as possible to carry out this repair, leaving you helpless, exhausted, inadequate, and dependant on others – ironically thereby effectively increasing your stress. The different bodies begin the mopping up process as quickly as they can; clearing and sorting response, memory, judgement and so on into places where they can be stored until you can deal with them at a later stage – this is usually a chakra most relevant to the issue. At this time, the spiritual body holds the entire catastrophic situation in safety. Those who are aware of this, find themselves instinctively turning to a God they know/doubt, to an awareness of Spirit, to a belief in angels, Spirit Guides, ritual, or perhaps they blame demons and curses!
When lines of communication are fairly well reconnected, the emotional and mental bodies begin to communicate with the physical body to find out what happened. Your mind and your emotions are no longer completely confused and overloaded, and you can finally separate thinking and feeling. You start to look for someone to blame, to understand what you did or didn’t do, or should have done, your coping skills depend on your inner resources and your outer support systems. You begin to bargain with yourself, to judge, to feel guilty or to seek answers.
This can take a long time, sometimes an entire life-span. Many people get stuck here, and find it almost impossible to break free and move on. This is particularly difficult if the physical body is damaged in some way, even more so if there is permanent damage. Thinking and feeling become enmeshed; you think what you should be feeling and you feel what you should be thinking. Unclear or rogue energy jumps from one body to another, causing flashbacks of memory, flooding the body with emotion when something triggers a memory, forcing you to self-mediate, self-medicate or self-mutilate in an effort to hold the pain in one body, the physical, to keep it out of the mental or emotional. This includes symptoms of PTSD or Panic Attack Syndrome, survivors of abuse, toxic relationships, and so on.

A good therapist is invaluable at this point. It is suggested that counselling, energy work, exercise, massage, etc. will all help to give perspective. The places where memory and response were stored are explored and cleared, motives and reactions are re-examined – you find respect and growth.
When the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body are strongly identified and back where they are supposed to be, the delineation between them is clear, then they begin to communicate with the spiritual body.
You begin to understand things that happened, and to put them in context. You find forgiveness and understanding – both for yourself and the others involved. You grow in wisdom and compassion, and you sound out new coping techniques. You become aware of the bigger picture.

Once communication with the spiritual body is well established, and all four bodies are functioning well together, and the thin membrane surrounding and protecting your entire energy field is strong and whole, you find that you can look back at the events that have unfolded with peace and forgiveness. You will have grown in maturity and understanding. You will either be able to forgive whatever it was that happened, or simply let it go and move on with your life. Or, if there is a strong resonance of memory held in the spiritual body, from some past life experience, you may find that this becomes entangled with the recent event, and shows as some form of dysfunctional behaviour in the present. You find you begin to think differently or focus on inappropriate ritual or even develop some sort of phobia.

A good past life regression facilitator will be of immeasurable help with this, but separating the past and the present and will assist you to find perspective. Inner Tuition therapists specialise in doing this, because they communicate with and restore healing to all the bodies.

We help you learn from your own Inner Tuition.

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