Q3: What happens to the rest of your body if /when a part of it is removed or replaced?

What happens to the rest of your body if /when a part of it is removed or replaced?
When we talk about the body, we first need to be fully cognisant of the fact that we have more than just the physical body. We have different faces we show the world. You are more than just a physical body, you have emotions, you have thoughts and ideas and you are a spiritual Being as well. These different bodies are determined by their level of vibration. A simple way to visualise this, is to think of a lump of ice; the vibration of the molecules is very slow and heavy, so slow, in fact, that we can pick up a lump of ice and it remains solid – so solid that it can sink a ship! Raise the vibration a bit by warming it, and it will turn to water. We cannot hold a lump of water, it simply runs out between our fingers, but it’s still has enough energy and force to flatten buildings and rip up roads. Raise the vibration of the water and it turns to steam. You cannot hold steam, but you can see it, and it has enough force to drive engines. Raise the vibration of the steam and it turns to atmosphere. You cannot see atmosphere, but my goodness; you can certainly feel the humidity!

So, see the physical body as you would the ice – the vibration is slow enough to feel, measure, weigh and test; the emotional body is represented by the water – the vibration is a bit faster so you cannot actually see it, but you can certainly sense it clearly … you just KNOW when someone is angry, upset, sad or excited; the mental body is represented by the steam – the vibration is faster and spreads much further …. Ideas can be transmitted by post or electronically, ideas can last over centuries; and the spiritual body is represented by the atmosphere – the vibration is much faster and invisible to many … and can often be overlooked or completely misunderstood.

Never overlook the fact that your body is not a single entity; instead it is an entire community, with each system, organ, limb, cell playing it’s part and having its own ideas and agendas. There is a constant stream of consciousness between them and anything that affects any single part of the body is immediately known by all the other parts. The body is, actually, very like a close family. Everyone has a job to do and they all do their own work, but they gossip, they have alliances, they support each other, and they have grand and glorious celebrations together.

This is well documented; if you lose one faculty, another adapts and takes over. If the body becomes disabled in some way, either by loss or by gain, the whole finds a way to cope. If one part of the body is temporarily unable to function, another part will carry the load until things are back to normal. Maybe training is required, sometimes it happens naturally and the problem is not picked up because the adaption is so successful.

Because the body is like a very close family, if there is a problem anywhere within the body, it will try to alert you to this fact. The big problem is, though, that we tend not to listen and to ignore what the body is trying to communicate. The really serious consequences of this come when we don’t listen and the problem becomes serious enough for the physical body to become involved. This is often the last one to be called upon. There may be problems within the physical body, as a result of neglect of a problem which could have been sorted out if attention was paid sooner, or this may be genetic, or accident or illness.

If surgery is required to remove or replace a part of the physical body, then the entire family is involved. Just as it is traumatic for a family to lose a well-loved member without warning – or to suddenly have an unknown person appear with no introduction, the physical body feels the same. There are occasions, I know, when this happens quickly and without warning; accident, shark bite (or some other bite), or emergency surgery … all these are possible. But there are other occasions when notice could be given to the body.

The mental body does its best. “We are going to have to amputate your left leg, the damage from the accident is too bad.” says the doctor. Mental body does its best to tell the rest of the community, but it doesn’t always get time – it’s not as easy as picking up a telephone. Naturally the entire community is aware that something is going to happen but it’s not sure what. Suddenly the left leg is simply …. Gone! No time to say good bye, no time to thank it for carrying the community around for however long the person has been alive. No time to thank it for playing rugby and giving the emotional body such joy, or for giving the mental body such satisfaction. Just Gone. The emotional left leg is still there, and so are the mental and the spiritual left legs. The emotional left leg still carries the fear and the pain and the shock from the accident. The mental left leg is furious about the carelessness and stupidity that caused the accident. ‘Maybe you if had left 5 minutes later, or travelled a different route you would still have both legs.’ Spiritual left leg can remember a life where it was infected after a battle and the fear and pain of being a cripple and starving to death … and it manifests a terrible response to the shock. But there is no physical left leg to deal with this. So, this rogue energy drifts around the body and inhibits healing.

Another thing that is overlooked is when a stranger suddenly appears. “We have found a heart! We can prepare for a transplant!” Suddenly the body finds that the heart it’s known for a long time (an entire life time) and which has been failing, and which the entire community has pulled together to assist to keep things going, has …. Gone! No time to say goodbye, to thank it for supplying everyone with blood and oxygen and the quiet steady beat which has got weaker but not actually failed. Just … gone! And, horror of horrors! A complete stranger is suddenly in its place. No one knows who this is, where it’s come from, where it belongs – the body is immediately suspicious. The new heart is still in complete shock – remember it has also suddenly been wrenched from its known world, and it’s family, and its reality, and it is suddenly put in another community and it’s not yet got its emotional and mental and spiritual bodies in place. The space is still full of the ‘old’ heart’s various bodies. Answer? Rejection!
This is something that fills me with passion: I am fortunate to have been in this position a few times.

I was able to explain to the body that a tumour, that had been growing and causing a great deal of quiet concern to the community, was to be removed. I explained that the body would be subjected to anaesthetic, to being sliced, and sewn up again, and that this growth was going. “All this is happening tomorrow. The surgeons know what they are doing, you will be fine.” I explained to the body. The operation took place the following day. Healing was quick and complete.

I had a client who was having a kidney transplant. I warned the kidney that it was going to be removed and another kidney would be put in place. I explained to all the bodies that this was going to happen. I told them that a family member had donated his kidney, so they ‘knew’ it, already. I explained that the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the ‘old’ kidney had to leave at the same time, because we needed the room. I was aware of a babble of discussion and lots of questions, which I asked my client and then answered the bodies. There were some very emotional farewells – I bawled my eyes out … Most unprofessional! I believe this was a successful operation.
So, what happens to the rest of your body if /when a part of it is removed or replaced? Confusion, which is so easily dispelled, simply by respecting your body and treating it with kindness and compassion.

How do know what your body needs? By letting it guide you – by listening to your own Inner Tuition.

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