Q20: Have you met your Divine Self, yet? Well worth the effort!

Have you met your Divine Self, yet? Well worth the effort!
What do we mean by our “Divine Self”? There are a number of people who appear on pages of glossy magazines who look in the mirror and see their “Divine Selves”, so apart from them … what to YOU understand as your “Divine Self”?
There are a vast number of folk who have been taught from childhood that they have no “Divine Self”; that they do not deserve one; that it was taken from them by their actions or their history; that believing in it is just cause for punishment. There are others who believe their “Divine Self” is some other person who wears strange clothes or talks in incomprehensible language, or who claims to have a specially designated blood-line. This is so sad. We all have a “Divine Self”, of course we do!

So where do we find him or her; what does a “Divine Self” actually do; how do we interact with him or her, and why is it important? These are all very valid questions. There are large numbers of people who have devoted their lives to answering them. In no way am I claiming that I know better than any of them, nor do I say I’ m right. But I have found tremendous comfort and strength in knowing my “Divine Self” and it has proved time and time again to be beneficial to my clients to introduce them to each other.

The easiest way to explain this is to look at some large organisation; maybe a financial institution or a hospital, or a vast corporation. At the bottom you find the humble workers, they don’t know all that goes on, they have no authority nor do they make decisions. Working up the ‘food chain’, eventually you find those who DO know what’s going on, who DO have authority, and who DO make decisions. We fall in the lower two categories: some of us know what’s going on, and some of us are prepared to take authority over their own lives. But we’re all constantly seeking the missing bit – who makes the decisions? Who decides what our lives will be like, what learning we will do, and how we’ll do it. Who decides who we will be? This is the job of the “Divine Self”.

If you are looking for answers, then ask you’re “Divine Self”. How? By not being arrogant, nor being too subservient, nor following anyone else’s words. Write your own list of instructions and then follow them. Why follow someone else? Why give them your heart and soul?

Sit in a state of gratitude and grace, quietly and respectfully, with no pomp and ceremony, state what you want to know and then …. Wait. The old adage of “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, works every time. You will get an answer; it may not be the answer you want, or even like, but if you keep your own head-ego-babble under control, you will hear that quiet answer.

Say thank you and don’t argue – I’ve been assured that an argument is considered a challenge and there is nothing They enjoy more than a challenge! You may not like where things go.
What does your “Divine Self” look like? He or she looks like pure light, or love, or purity, or innocence or whatever you want it to look like. Whatever you desire to be – your “Divine Self” already is, and he or she will hold that image and that place for you until you are ready to claim it.
You do not have to struggle to become anything; you already are.

With love, from your own Inner Tuition.

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