Q19: Do you have inherent skills, or abilities you have not used?

Do you have inherent skills, or abilities you have not used?
As we travel through time, having one incarnation after another; learning and experiencing as we do, we begin to find a resonance with one or other skill. It can be quite comforting to know what this is, along the lines of a “Cosmic Aptitude Test”.

I quite enjoy working on this for the folk who consult with me – but I’m extremely reluctant to do this for those who do not have considerable life experience upon which to draw. I feel that young people who are joining the job market straight from school need to find their own way for a while. Whereas those who are facing mid-life crises are mature enough to recognise the truth in what we discover.

Of course, there are many times I’m not right, (What? Me? Never!), but those I work with will find an echo deep within if we do, by fortune, hit on the truth. A delightful young lady of 45 came to see me and explained that she was facing a tremendous life change and was very confused about which direction to explore. By working with Deep Cellular Memory, I found that she’d had a number of incarnations working with animals, and also as an artist. She had a deliciously off-beat sense of humour, too, and kept me laughing! At that time she was volunteering at one of the animal rescue kennels, and had a fund of stories about the animals and their strange perspectives on the folk who rescued them. I suggested that maybe she could draw what she saw, and create a calendar to sell at the end of the year; and offer a percentage of the money she made to this particular charity. I don’t know if she did – I seldom get feedback, but it appeared that she had a whole lot to think about. Maybe she didn’t do that, exactly, but that the idea had opened another door for her, instead.

If you have had many incarnations as a sailor, selling computers is going to feel unfulfilling; if you have been a farmer for many incarnations, advising on farming methods or animal husbandry will give immense satisfaction. Likewise, if you have been in a nursing or health-orientated environment many times, a career in law is going to cause huge stress. I could go on for pages about this; I find it fascinating. I’m using these examples at random, but I’m sure you understand that. There are skills and gifts beyond number that we can explore.

We work very hard – most of the time – growing and learning and clearing old Karmic clutter. We read and exercise, meditate and diet, pray and abstain, all with the aim of evolving to a higher plane of Soul Evolution. Unfortunately, part of the journey, is forgetting what we’ve already learned and experienced. Sounds frustrating! I feel that most of the Soul Journey we embark on is just that … Frustrating! We would benefit so much by a quick glance, now and then, at the Instruction book. By looking at skills already mastered, it can be possible to track our past journey and to facilitate our future journeys.

By looking back, we begin to get a clearer understanding of how we’ve learned our own Inner Tuition.

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