Q4: You are more than just your physical body – you are an entire universe. Learn how to communicate with yourself

You are more than just your physical body – you are an entire universe. Learn how to communicate with yourself.
If you stand and look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll see a stranger looking back at you. Of course you know this face well; you look at him/her every day. But the reason for looking at that face is often to check make-up, remnants of toothpaste, shaving cream, skin flaws, etc. Do you look deep into those eyes and try to see who is there, behind the mask?

That face is the face of a person who contains a whole inner universe: the effects of every experience you’ve had, every person you’ve met, every decision you’ve made, everything you’ve seen or heard, or understood – they are all recorded on that face. Your character, your personality, your habits, your secrets, your strengths and weaknesses are all visible, there.

You may consider yourself a pretty good judge of character – most of us do. So, do you allow others to ‘read’ you? Most of us don’t. Most of us are under the impression that we screen ourselves fairly successfully but, in truth,
the only one you fool – is yourself.

While you’re peering at your own reflection, ask yourself who it is that you are actually looking at? You have your physical body that you know well. But you have a few other ‘bodies’, or personas, as well. You have your emotional self; that part of you that feels, reacts, is happy or sad, excited or annoyed, confused or in pain. This is where you hold memory of your childhood, too. Then you have your mental self; that part of you that thinks, plans, remembers, forgets, decides and gets locked in dreadful dilemmas. Then you have your perceptual/spiritual self; this is where you hold your own particular understanding of what is good or bad, what is pleasant or ugly, what is fair or what is unacceptable. But this is also where you hold your perception of something bigger. We all believe in something. Even if you believe in nothing, then that, then, is what you believe.

Because you have four ‘ subtle bodies’, you have four sets of everything: four livers, four brains, four hearts, four digestive systems, four sets of limbs, and so on. These all communicate with each other, and … if you listen, they’ll communicate with you. So, you have four aspects of yourself, where discomfort, dysfunction, disease, etc., happens when they don’t communicate clearly between them. This explains post-traumatic stress, phantom limb syndrome, transplanted organ rejection, forgotten memories that suddenly pop up unexpectedly when we’re not looking.

I find organs have individual personalities and agendas. Some are helpful and forgiving and some are not. In an argument with an angry liver, there is only one winner, and I can assure you that it won’t be you! A chat to an area of pain will give you understanding about the reason for the pain. A word with an upset or dysfunction will open your eyes to how you can work WITH your body for optimum health.

In addition to this, there is an energy field surrounding every living thing. This energy field acts as a bridge between two very different levels of being, the physical and the subtle levels. The evolving soul is constantly changing so the level of its development changes as lessons are learned and consciousness expands. All such changes are registered in the energy field as changes of energy flow and energy quality. The energetic structure of the energy field contains information about the current state of a person’s body, mind, emotions and spiritual development at any moment in time.

So, when you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you see the mature, wise, evolved soul you really are? Do you see someone hiding behind a mask? Do you hear the friendly babble of your own inner truth? The only one who knows this – is you. And you learn that from your own inner teacher – Inner Tuition.

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