Q6: What part of you thinks and what part of you is really remembering?

What part of you thinks and what part of you is really remembering?
Each of our cells is a sentient being, and has memory and intelligence. We tend to forget this, and to see ourselves as a single unit. In fact, some of us don’t even get that far, and fail to see the individual. There are those who see people as groups or types … or even as mindless multitudes. This has happened throughout history – and it ALWAYS leads to trouble, because there is an inherent desire for people to be seen as individuals.
So, I ask you to accord yourself – your physical body – the same respect.
Every part of you; cells, limbs, organs, senses, systems, as well as the individual “fields” or “bodies” has its own intelligence and its own understanding and its own agenda. You are a long way from being a single unit.
I have written at length about the different aspects of our Being; physical, emotional, mental and perceptual/spiritual. This time I’m going to talk about cellular memory.
There are many people who scoff and ridicule the idea of the liver having a personality, or the colon having an agenda, the heart having a memory. Expand that, further, and maybe consider the possibility of the physical liver having a personality, the emotional heart having a memory, or the mental colon having an agenda? I have touched on this, and I will again, but right now, I’m looking at the memory held by each cell (limb, organ, sense, system, and so on)
Where does this memory come from? From childhood, from the first experience you remember with strong emotion. We understand – and accept, most of us, that it’s easier to learn if we engage more than one sense in order to learn. To simply listen while someone drones on, endlessly, about a concept or an idea that remains exactly that … an idea means that it seldom becomes part of your memory and your understanding. To be actively involved in the learning process makes it easier to remember; to perform the same action over and over makes it easier to remember, and in the right circumstance, this becomes automatic. BUT to understand what you are being taught, to incorporate your own inner knowledge with that teaching, and to be free to follow your own free will to achieve what you are taught … well, in that case you have been taught properly. OK, so this is the way good teachers get their message across. This is seen as a positive.
But it works on the negative, as well. Pain, humiliation, fear and grief are very good teachers, as well. If a memory pops up, unexpectedly, and you are able to remember where you learned that particular lesson, it makes sense. BUT if a memory pops up that seems completely foreign to your life experience, and you have no context into which it fits, people start seeking answers. Depending on your programming this could be laid at the door of angelic wisdom, ancestor’s influence, reincarnation, subconscious patterns, demonic possession, multiple personalities, and so on – each one more bizarre than the other. All of it is cellular memory.
There are many who are more qualified than I am who have information about how memory is laid down in childhood, and there are many more who speak with authority about teaching methods and the development of intelligence. My knowledge is specific to past life patterns or deep cellular memory. I know I am speaking against the teachings – and the beliefs – of many when I say that I believe strongly that we have more than just NOW. Nature doesn’t work that way. And, like it or not, we are part of nature.
Look around you. A tree grows over many years, each season it “dies” and after a period of being dormant, it appears to miraculously be “reborn”. If this tree has a season or two of drought, this will be recorded in the “rings”; if the place where the tree is growing is exposed to a regular strong wind, the tree will grow leaning with the wind; if the tree is damaged, it will continue to show signs of this damage for a long time, maybe until it finally falls. A river slowly wears away rock, following its path down to the sea. If the earth is moved perhaps by volcanic action or, more slowly, by the collision of continents, then the river may continue flowing along the bed it has carved over time – although this appears to run contrary to the land through which it is flowing.
And so it is with us: sometimes we appear to have memory, or patterns of behaviour, which appear contrary to our life experience. I feel this is where a lot of weird behaviour or phobias, or tendency to develop disease or allergies comes from. I have a number of people who come to me, asking for a Past- life Regression to explain something inexplicable. There are times when the answers may be held in Past- life experience … but there are times this is definitely NOT the case. It is important to know the difference.
I have talked about Past-life influence before, and I will again, but I need to be absolutely clear that this is not the answer to every problem. I sympathise with those therapists who work with main-stream medicine and health who get bombarded by claims that the answers to every problem – well to a great number of problems – lies in working with a therapist who specialises in Past-life regression. This is not true. Yes, there are times when it is effective, but there is time when it is not. Instead, there is a very real case to be argued that a great deal of the problems we encounter and we play out in our present understanding have absolutely nothing to do with previous incarnations. Instead, their roots can be found in childhood.
This is why, when I’m approached and asked for a “Regression”, I take great care to ensure that all other avenues have been explored, and I never work with someone just for the experience. This is madness.
So, what part of you thinks and what part of you is really remembering? I suggest that you seek professional assistance to see where the roots of the problem lie; if they can be traced to present-life experience, then deal with them appropriately. If, however, it seems that there is no logical foundation for the problem, then there is a strong possibility that this is a memory from some other time. Then, and only then, is regression therapy appropriate.
I am very willing to assist you to find where this comes from and the reason your Soul has made the effort to bring it into the present consciousness. I will give you the tools to access your own Inner Tuition.

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