Q8: Who are you? Why did you choose to be who you are? Why did you choose the life you’re living? Why did you choose these companions to experience your life?

Who are you? Why did you choose to be who you are? Why did you choose the life you’re living? Why did you choose these companions to experience your life?
Each of us has an innate wish to be healthy and strong; to thrive and to grow; and to belong. This ancient, inner wisdom views all life with a refreshing perspective that can shift our experience of situations from consternation or emotional pain into one of insight and expansion.

Just as a tree grows vast and magnificent over many years, many seasons where it appears to die, and then burst into life again, so do we. We have time, over a number of incarnations, in order to grow and experience. The way we heal is by Soul evolution – the contract with our soul is to experience every aspect of every facet of the human psyche. This can profoundly change our relationship with others.

One part of the personality we present to the world has learned socially acceptable behaviour, and knows how to modify certain instincts and desires to fit into society. Another part of the personality, however, has desires and feelings we consider unacceptable. When we integrate the nice with the nasty we can be genuine, feel good about ourselves, and be clear in our dealings with others.

We do, however, frequently project these “bad” feelings and behaviours onto others who we perceive as “not being the same as us”. With time and maturity, and a lot of hard, painful, dedicated work – which takes enormous patience and courage, we can find a natural balance between judgement and acceptance. Not everything should be forgiven, and not everything should be forgotten. This is how we evolve and grow.

My clients often ask me if I can tell them what their life purpose is. The answer is simple, and it’s the same for everyone. Your life purpose is your own healing – nothing more, nothing less. If, in the course of achieving this healing, you are able to be of assistance to someone else, that is a bonus. Paradoxically, those who devote their lives to assisting others are not achieving their own life purpose. There is balance required in everything.
Men and women need to learn to communicate with each other much more efficiently. Men need to understand and experience their own strong feminine energy; and women need to reclaim their own masculine power, whilst retaining their natural gentleness and love. Many men think that getting in touch with their femininity will disempower them, just as many women feel that over-indulging in their masculinity will empower them. The opposite is true. A man or woman can only be truly strong and powerful if he/she is complete and balanced – masculine and feminine in perfect harmony within one body. And we ALL have both masculine and feminine energy flows in the body! I’ll explain gender choices in weeks 13 and 14.

Both men and women need to look within themselves and learn to balance their imbalances, if they are to live in peace and harmony. We all need to examine our faults and weaknesses and turn them into knowledge and strength. Nature is the greatest teacher to those willing to learn with patience and humility. The responsibility lies with you. You can choose to learn, or you can choose to remain ignorant.

Our Divine Birth-right is choice. All too often, we abdicate this choice and blame everyone else – the Government, the weather, ourselves, God … the list is endless. It is by constantly growing and experiencing that we begin to accept this choice and to understand that sometimes things get sticky – the life you’ve chosen may be painful, sad, overwhelming, successful, happy, powerful and so on. Accept it, learn and move on. Once the lesson is learned, you will not need to repeat it – what a relief! The more lessons you learn, the wiser you become. There are no mistakes, only lessons – and no shortcuts! Remember that the individual, who makes no mistakes in his life, ends up an old fool.

In order to learn in safety, there are gentle rituals we instinctively follow; some are required to keep societal laws in place; and others to maintain physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual health. Instinctively, we are drawn to worship someone/something we feel greater than ourselves. This could be a sacred icon, or an individual. However, when we fully accept that strength and protection originate from inside acceptance, instead of outside ritual, we will find peace, strength and courage.

You cannot change the world, and you cannot change those around you – you can only change yourself. The person who makes many mistakes, but learns from each of them, becomes very wise. We can find ourselves being able to enjoy being in the “now” instead of living in the “but what if…” We live in the “now” and not in the “know” – this is true Inner Tuition.

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